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About Us

Proud artist/proud parents

Founded in memory of Guy and Jill Bigwood, patrons of the arts and social activists, Neighborhood Arts is an after-school arts enrichment program whose primary mission is to incorporate cutting-edge findings in sociology and education to help bridge diverse communities of young people through arts enrichment.

In our efforts to help underserved middle school students find their voice, we are giving them a personal experience of the arts to help better discern their artistic interests and passions in high school and beyond. Because underserved children are less likely to have the early exposure to the arts that their wealthier counterparts take for granted, Neighborhood Arts brings the arts to underserved after-school programs, where kids congregate during what has been described as “the most vulnerable time of day” for disadvantaged youth.

We bring countless opportunities to create an artistic community among like-minded kids as they choose from a group of electives all designed to familiarize students with the arts, stimulate their creative sides, facilitate group bonds, and ultimately, intergroup interactions, including outreach and performance across community boundaries.

Who are we?

We are retirees, art teachers, high-school students and artists. We are all-volunteer and we are dedicated to sharing the wealth of talent that distinguishes the Bay Area.

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