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Joan Bigwood, Founder of Neighborhood Arts

A professional writer and amateur actress, Joan believes in the transforming power of creative endeavor. Joan is involved in a number of creative pursuits: she is the author of the novel Co-opted, set in Palo Alto CA, and is currently collaborating on a new musical comedy. She runs Rhyming Tributes, and she teaches drama for Neighborhood Arts.  Her background in development writing, allows her to do pro bono writing for a number of non-profit organizations.

Gail Grant, Curriculum Development and Marketing Guru

Gail divides her time among:

  • Volunteer work at the Opportunity Center of the Midpeninsula, a facility that helps homeless and at-risk individuals and families. She works primarily with the Family Center.
  • The Bright Lights Program – a program started in the fall of 2002 to teach children about helping others. Follow the link for more info.
  • St. Mark’s Family Choir: A multi-generational choir that sings rounds in church during communion once every six weeks.
  • Office Volunteer and chorister at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.
  • Leads the Rounds Choir at Neighborhood Arts

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