Steven Zins: Our featured artist

Fascinating Facetation

I have developed a style which incorporates beautiful scenes, such as many by the Impressionists, and gives them a modern twist. I retain the overall composition and color and add my own abstract, crystalline texture.

Bedroom in Arles

Bedroom in Arles

The Facetation method doesn’t work on all pieces and has to be adjusted for those pieces that it does work with. The impressionists are good candidates for this method because they painted very fast. They were interested in capturing the overall impression and the brush strokes were not their main concern. I replace their brush strokes with my perfect triangles. Their impression is retained.

The above, Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles, represents the realistic end of a spectrum. When the Facetation is cranked up and possibly combined with other images, the result is abstract rather than realistic. The net result is that I produce a range of images from realistic to abstract.

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